The Major Benefits of Using a Live Telephone Answering Service

All too often, businesses think that using a call centre or live telephone answering service seems like an extravagance – or something to consider down the road. The surprising news is that a live telephone answering service can be a really efficient way to save you time, help you give your customers better service, and save you money!

call answering service

Here are some benefits to using a live telephone answering service to handle your business calls:

Your phone calls will be handled more efficiently

Let’s face it – when your business phone rings, there are multiple reasons why. And you are likely to handle different calls in different ways – or even by different people! Using a live telephone answering service frees up the time you spend answering the phone and getting the call to the right person or handled in the right way – our telephone answering service does that part for you!

If someone is calling about hours, directions, policies, or other simple things, your live telephone answering service can take care of the issue directly, saving you the interruption of the phone call. Depending on what the call is about, our remote receptionist can answer questions, take messages, re-route the call to your cell phone, schedule a maintenance representative to come out and take care of an issue, and more.

It is often surprising to many businesses just how efficient a live telephone answering service can be – not only do calls get handled professionally and in a timely manner, but it takes the stress and pressure off of the staff whose time would be better spent elsewhere.